Irrigation / Sprinkler Frequently Asked Questions

How long do sprinkler heads last?2019-03-10T01:51:17+00:00
Depending on the quality of the Sprinkler heads, there is a different quality.
Are all Irrigation systems created equal?2019-03-10T01:52:02+00:00
No, A cheap Sprinkler system is usually a lean system.
What is a lean designed system?2019-03-10T01:52:47+00:00
Sprinkler Heads are not placed correctly, not enough sprinkler heads to properly water lawn or shrubs.
What if the company offers a super extended Sprinkler warranty?2019-03-10T01:54:37+00:00
I call it a sign of desperation to get work. The Irrigation warranty is only as good as the company. If they go out of business, there goes your warranty.
Do you have to have a licensed irrigator to install a sprinkler system?2019-03-10T01:55:40+00:00

Texas Irrigation Professionals are Required to have License

When should I water my lawn in Carrollton?2019-03-10T01:56:34+00:00
We recommend to water between 4, and 6 am in the morning.
When do I know I am wasting water?2019-03-10T01:57:10+00:00
When you see water running down the curb, the water is no benefit to you.
Where do I shut off water to my sprinkler system?2019-03-10T01:57:59+00:00

Two places the backflow device or the house meter.

My Sprinkler system is stuck on. What is the problem?2019-03-10T01:58:37+00:00
Could be an electrical issue or faulty valve.
I have a big water bill?2019-03-10T01:59:35+00:00
Make sure you don’t have multiple start times or a Leaking Irrigation System.
Should I have my sprinkler system checked periodically?2019-03-10T02:00:06+00:00
Yes, If you are wasting water you are overspending every month. You pay that bill every month.
Should I use a weather device?2019-03-10T02:00:38+00:00
It will save you money. You also cut down on wasting our most precious resource.
How often should I water?2019-03-10T02:01:11+00:00

Water schedule depends on the time of year and temperatures.

Do you reccomend 4″ sprinkler heads?2019-03-10T02:02:51+00:00
No, they are not a well-designed product in lawn areas.
What is the problem with overwatering my lawn?2019-03-10T02:03:38+00:00
Waste of money and resources
How often should I change my controller?2019-03-10T02:04:27+00:00
 The controller should be changed about 6 to 8 times per year when there is a change in the weather.
Do you recommend turning system off?2019-03-10T02:04:59+00:00
No, I like to cut my times down to a minimum in cold weather and just let the system flush itself. Don’t drive your car for three months and see how it runs when you try to start it.
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